Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Whats with all the rambling?

So I leave maybe in three days now. That means I could be getting out of Ouga on Friday. And there is a rumor that they are looking at putting a SED (Small Economic Development) or and Ag (if you need help to know this is Agriculture.. you are obviously not from Indiana) in Kaya with me. They are looking at it for site development. Right now this is just a rumor, but I would love for it to be true. Although being the only Nassara (white person in Moore) in a village will be fun.

I have shopping that I have to do, I have to buy a bed, and kitchen supplies and hope to find someplace to get Gas. Because you see the port near Burkina is apparently not bringing in enough gas and the whole country is on a gas shortage and it is near impossible to receive gas to cook your food. So some of my fellow volunteers are having to eat out or beg their neighbors to feed them until they can buy gas. I am hoping to be able to find some in Ouga, because I'm crafty like that. However, some people here in Ouga don't even have gas which is sad, because you can buy almost anything in Ouga. Who knew a gas shortage in Africa would happen.

My lessons have moved down this week from book work to just speaking French, which is awesome and I am happy with this. I don't mind the speaking it was the book work that was getting annoying. I really am starting to believe the phrase you never leave school. You hear that kids, you are stuck learning things the rest of your life. (Especially if you join the Peace Corps)

Also if you are ever planning on joining the Peace Corps I would definitely say do it. For as much as I complain, which I know I do alot. This really is a great experience and something you can do once in a lifetime that makes a world of difference not only in another countries life, but also yours. It is a chance to reinvent yourself and a chance to take risks. Now I'm not saying leave your three kids and husband to go to another country (Jennifer), but something to think about. We have people here 21-70 something. I don't know exactly her age, but she is in her 70's. So don't think this is just young people.

Ok now my shout outs section...

Angela- Thank you for my blog reads and of course I have not forgotten about you or anyone at the bank, except for that one girl... whats her name.. likes coach and Fox stuff.... can't quite remember her name...

Johnny- Be expecting something in the mail in about 2-3 weeks. Maybe sooner. I hope I picked out a style you would like. Nothing big, but think you will like them.

Brad- Same as johnny, if you don't like some get with him and trade. I won't really care.

Mom- I Love you.
Dad- I Love you. Win some games this soccer season in honor of your son... and if not I may be able to sneak you back some Burkinabe Children who are really good.

Well I hear a Donkey Braying like crazy, this could mean he is hurt, someone is hurting him, or he has gone crazy like what happened in my friends courtyard and they had to end up killing it. Either way I think that is a good close to this blog.


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  1. The person in my village may be a health person not a agriculture person. I am sorry for this blatant lie of a rumor. I meant to but health, but was thinking about next year when we may receive the Agriculture people that Burkina desperately needs.