Friday, September 10, 2010

Bone Fete! or good party! Ramadan is over!!

So for you muslims, Congratulations, Ramadan is over. That means you can eat again in the light of day!!! That is for those of you muslims who did not cheat and just sleep all day and stay awake at night. That is not really the point of religious fasting. Anyway, Ramadan is over today, which means that I will no longer have the mosque across the street from my house blaring music at every hour of the night. I consider this a personal victory. Because as many times as I wanted to storm the mosque at three in the morning when they would blare music and figure out a way to burn down a stone building. I did not. I used the patience of God and showed my tolerance for other religions. Even if they did disturb my slumber the past two weeks. I think the church that decided to burn the Quaran should have taken a message from book. Anyway thats a personal opinion. Which this is my blog, so I can do.

I actually went to a party today with my friend nathan at his muslim fathers house (his host father). I ate many servings of Cous cous, beef, and cokes. This was amazing. They were listening to music and tomorrow apparently there is a dance party, but I will not be attending. I have more important things to do... like.. uhmm, well not go. I have had 3 host families and I don't need another one to get attached to with one week to go.

That is right. I go to site in kaya on saturday of next week. yes next week. I cannot wait!!!! I get to buy things for my house and make it all pretty. I think I may paint, (and no jade, Erin, and Katie; I will not do the paint job that I did at our second apartment). I am thinking I may make a mural though. I don't know, I will have to be inspired.

Well for those of you who don't know, I am 4 hours ahead of time from Indiana. So if you are ever wondering, look at indiana's time and add 4 hours.

Mon francias est mellier. Je suis content avec mon niveau. Mon examination est le Jeudi.
( My french is better. I am content with my level. My exam is on thursday.)
(if you know I made mistakes by the way, I don't care, so don't post them. :)

Also one last note of business. My parents are not terrible people and I just spoke with them this evening. I was just kidding with my parents because the two times that I have not called them it ended with my mother calling the cops on me and the second time receiving a voicemail that said my father had died and I missed the funeral. Maybe I should call home everyone once and a while. So when they did not call me for a while, I decided to work my revenge on my blog, and I want to thank you all of my loyal followers for shaming them. It worked like a charm and my mother congratulated me on making them seem like awful parents. Thank you loyal followers I really could not have done it without you. I love my parents and appreciate there sense of humor.

Just like they appreciate my humor when they go out and get a 23 lbs cat named Fridge and say that they replaced me with it. That is what I am glad about, if we can't have Trent at least we can have a huge ass cat. (pardon my cursing grandma)

Thanks again for all your love and support


  1. Let us know your new address as soon as possible, getting ready to send another bitty box. I suppose its Trent Taylor PCV now huh? Love you Grandma. PS No way can that cat take your place, though he is awful sweet.

  2. I am actually going to be keeping the same address I think. I will know in about 2 weeks. But until I announce a new one, go ahead and send stuff to the one listed. I can still get things there. I am still deciding on whether I really need my own box. I don't think I will, I am only 2 hours away from ouga. So there really is no point.

  3. I wonder if everyone there would consider your paint job as awful as we did? Also, although I haven't met Fridge in person, he looks pretty adorable. He seems to have quite a bit of personality too (telling from the legs sprawled open picture I saw of him via Jenn's facebook)... maybe he can take your place?? :) Love and miss you!

  4. please please please don't paint by yourself!! I'm sure someone there can help you.

    So the last thing I expected you to mention in your blog was the Quaran burning. You're in Africa for crying out loud! THis story is everywhere! I'm just glad it didn't happen. (yea the church was three miles from my house and I was freakin out)

    Oh and that cat will never replace you for me.