Sunday, September 26, 2010

Trent gets closer to Jesus (kinda)...and gets a lesson in patience.

So I went on a bus and visited my friend Diana on Saturday. We had fun on saturday just talking and walking the dam. We even made Crepes for supper. It was fun and relaxing. Now I didn't sleep at her house though, because she works at a really religious all female school. So I slept at her neighbors house. Which was awkward, but not that bad. Now for my Sunday adventure.

I had said that I was going to go to a church here. So I could see what church here is like. Well I have decided that if you haven't been to a church in another language you should go sometime. lol. First off the whole church is in Moore (a local language in Burkina Faso). I don't know Moore. I know how to salute someone and say if I like something or not. So the first hour of the church(yes I said the first hour) is the different choirs saying what they learned in sunday school, followed by alot of singing in Moore. Oh and if you are a lady over the age of 40, I sure hope you brought your homemade drum or other percussion instrument, because your gonna play it to the music, with the band!!! Why not you have natural rhythm. Everybody knows the songs and there are no books.

Now the next hour starts and we have a lady pass out in the back of the church and has to be helped carried out, why I have no clue. I'm not a doctor. Now we start with the usual. The announcements, more singing, tithing, more singing, and the prayer. Ok now prayer is also different. When you are in a church in America, you quietly pray to yourself. NOT HERE! You need to say your prayers loud and proud. Not just you, but everyone at the same time yelling their prayers like some gregorian chant gone awry. I am in the middle thinking I should be yelling something, but can't quite figure out what to say at the moment. I mean, its going to be in English and I already have been called out in the church to stand up and wave at everyone. There are two white people in the church, we already stick out.

Now after this we get the sermon. Now I know it was Judges 19... and there was something about the youngest son. That is all I got. The rest was pretty much a blur. One thing similar here, you can definitely rest your head and it is not rude. At least I hope it wasn't. Finally the sermon was over and there was a small communion and another round of Gregorian chant praying. Finally we were released after 3 hours. It was an interesting experience, but I don't think I will be going to another Moore Service. By the way I think it was Protestant church. I just don't think it was Catholic.

Now I go to get on a bus to go home at 4 and what happens... my bus breaks down. Not once, but twice. So what should have taken me a 1.5 hour trip to Kaya,took me 4 hours. We ended up having another bus come and we got on that bus and it pulled the other bus to Kaya. I couldn't help but laugh every time the bus behind us would slam into us. It was funny. I finally arrived at my house around 830ish and my neighbors told me to go shower and they would feed me. Have I mentioned that I love them?


oh p.s. thank you all again for your emails of support they were very much appreciated.

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