Wednesday, September 22, 2010

And Sonabel said, Let there be light, and Trent was happy!

So I just got my electricity in my house today, this makes me very happy and very excited. I can now charge my computer and my phone without annoying my neighbors. Which I say will alot of sarcasm. I want you all to imagine a world, where your neighbors care about you, and they have both already fed me on multiple occasions. I go and watch tv outside with my one neighbors who are my adopted family right now and I love them. They even like to play cards. They taught me a silly burkinabe card game, that is alot of fun, but not as much as euchre. lol. Its like war, but with strings attached.

Now, this is me launching a formal apology to my grandmother and grandfather for anything that I may have said on the phone that seemed out of normal on sunday night. Now let me explain. Sunday was not the best day at site for me and I wanted to go to sleep, but couldn't so I decided hey, I'm going to take two benedryl. For those of you who don't know, I may as well have taken two Ambien. Benedryl knocks Trenton out to a sleep happy fun world, and if he tries to stay awake he crashes with funny results. Now I had just gotten to sleep (1/2 hour)and my phone rings. I pick it up and its my mom saying that my grandma wants to speak to me, to which I think is ridiculous why doesn't she just come in my room. Then I look around and go, crap, I'm in Africa, how did I get here? All the while I'm figuring this out, I am talking to my grandmother who is just happy to hear my voice. While I am looking around the room figuring out how I got in this room and should I leave or stay. I talk to them for maybe 4 minutes and eventually get it together enough to tell them I love them and I am doing fine (once I realized where I was that I was doing fine) I hung up the phone and went straight back into a comatose state slumber.

Now my site is wonderful and I am doing fine. I got the keys to my lab today and can't wait to start work in the next two weeks. I still don't know my teaching schedule, but will figure it out eventually. I am still hoping for fridays off. I would like my vondredi's(fridays) for travel in case I go visit people. That would be sweet and I need to start looking at secondary projects. My neighbor does something with moving sheeps to villages, but I don't quite understand what it is yet. I will probably help him with that, but I am thinking some health classes over malaria and HIV/AIDS couldn't hurt. *P.s. in case I use the work VIH/SIDA that is what they call it over here. That and Malaria is like paluia. I know the pronunciation not the spelling sorry.

Well I think that is a good long update for now along with a funny story.


*plus ten points for the first person to put the movie the quote is from.


  1. I'm glad things are going good for you Trent. Best Wishes!

  2. Know the quote not the movie. You know Im not a trivia buff. No apolpgies needed. Yoooooou answered very sweetly and politely. Sounded like a sleepy little boy I used to know. Love you Grandma T