Thursday, September 30, 2010

Trent is going to paint a masterpiece... maybe.

First off, I am not artsy. Now when I say this, I am excluding the performing arts. I was blessed with that ability. However, when it comes to hand eye coordination and being a stickler with detail. You need to call my brother the artist. He is the one that will paint you something beautiful. I hear he is looking for work, call him up to paint your house. lol. jk.

Now, what I am trying to do this weekend is to paint the country of Burkina Faso on my wall. Now I know that this is utterly tacky and not something that one would do with their home. My reply to this is... then don't come to my house. lol. Anyways, I have a big map of Burkina and what I am doing is gridding the map and then taking the measurements by 2 and gridding that on my wall. I am in the middle of this process right now. It is long and boring, but I am sure in the long run will make the map of my country turn out better than if , heaven forbid, I drew it freehand. So I am hoping for wonderful results and I can put my friends houses and the map and it will look wonderful. I will post pictures if I ever have a friend with a camera come. lol.

Now a funny story. Yesterday I was sitting in one of my chairs. Now the chairs here that the Burkinabe love are like plastic lawn chairs. They think they are the bees knees. So I bought 4 of them for 15,000 CFA the equivalent of 30 dollars American. Now I am sitting in one of the chairs talking to my friend Jenn on the phone and what do you think happened to poor Ironic Comedy Trent.
Yes, exactly.
I shift my weight, the chair tips a little bit then breaks then leaves me to fall through the chair where the leg broke while I am on the phone and I scream, which makes my neighbors come over and see what the crazy Nasara (Na-Sar-uh) has done now. I am laying in the broken chair and finally get up and out of it. I am laughing, which the Burkinabe didn't understand. I receive from this fall what is probably a huge bruise on my butt that makes it very uncomfortable when I have to ride my bike. I am good though. Just slightly embarrassed that I am so much of a catastrophe sometimes.

Well I think that is about it for me.
Miss you all.

P.S. If you have any ideas on how to keep crickets out of your house or how to stop roosters from crowing, be sure to let me know.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Trent gets closer to Jesus (kinda)...and gets a lesson in patience.

So I went on a bus and visited my friend Diana on Saturday. We had fun on saturday just talking and walking the dam. We even made Crepes for supper. It was fun and relaxing. Now I didn't sleep at her house though, because she works at a really religious all female school. So I slept at her neighbors house. Which was awkward, but not that bad. Now for my Sunday adventure.

I had said that I was going to go to a church here. So I could see what church here is like. Well I have decided that if you haven't been to a church in another language you should go sometime. lol. First off the whole church is in Moore (a local language in Burkina Faso). I don't know Moore. I know how to salute someone and say if I like something or not. So the first hour of the church(yes I said the first hour) is the different choirs saying what they learned in sunday school, followed by alot of singing in Moore. Oh and if you are a lady over the age of 40, I sure hope you brought your homemade drum or other percussion instrument, because your gonna play it to the music, with the band!!! Why not you have natural rhythm. Everybody knows the songs and there are no books.

Now the next hour starts and we have a lady pass out in the back of the church and has to be helped carried out, why I have no clue. I'm not a doctor. Now we start with the usual. The announcements, more singing, tithing, more singing, and the prayer. Ok now prayer is also different. When you are in a church in America, you quietly pray to yourself. NOT HERE! You need to say your prayers loud and proud. Not just you, but everyone at the same time yelling their prayers like some gregorian chant gone awry. I am in the middle thinking I should be yelling something, but can't quite figure out what to say at the moment. I mean, its going to be in English and I already have been called out in the church to stand up and wave at everyone. There are two white people in the church, we already stick out.

Now after this we get the sermon. Now I know it was Judges 19... and there was something about the youngest son. That is all I got. The rest was pretty much a blur. One thing similar here, you can definitely rest your head and it is not rude. At least I hope it wasn't. Finally the sermon was over and there was a small communion and another round of Gregorian chant praying. Finally we were released after 3 hours. It was an interesting experience, but I don't think I will be going to another Moore Service. By the way I think it was Protestant church. I just don't think it was Catholic.

Now I go to get on a bus to go home at 4 and what happens... my bus breaks down. Not once, but twice. So what should have taken me a 1.5 hour trip to Kaya,took me 4 hours. We ended up having another bus come and we got on that bus and it pulled the other bus to Kaya. I couldn't help but laugh every time the bus behind us would slam into us. It was funny. I finally arrived at my house around 830ish and my neighbors told me to go shower and they would feed me. Have I mentioned that I love them?


oh p.s. thank you all again for your emails of support they were very much appreciated.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Trents hosts a pity party... then hosts a meal for his neighbors.

Yes it finally happened. I hit rock bottom today. At least I hope it was rock bottom. I woke up in a good mood and thought, I am just going to stay in bed. Stay in bed I did. I had no reason to get up, so I didn't. I finished the fourth season of Dexter and was relaxing. Then it happened. I started thinking. Which is dangerous for me. I start thinking elaborate things and ideas that really just don't need to be thought. This is why I keep myself busy. Then it happened. I called my PCMO and asked him when I was going to come in and he said 0ct 5. I think this is fine. Then I realize that this is another week at site...

Now I call Sarah... and I am crying like a little baby. I mean it is ridiculous. I couldn't control my words and nothing was helping me and I was like this for a whole 20 min. I just sat and bawled. Now those of you that know me, know this is a big deal. I don't cry. I don't like to cry and I think it is ridiculous and serves no purpose when there are so many things I could be doing to fix this. But cry I did. Sarah was such a trooper and talked me through it. I told her I laid in bed all day and was thinking and blah blah blah.

Finally I get myself kinda together and Sarah my lovely friend tells me, I am going to get out of bed, I am going to shower and I am going to leave my house. Which is exactly what I did. But she was strong and there for me while I was crying ridiculously for no reason. So I am so glad.

So I left my house and talked to my neighbors and I informed them that I was going to make supper for them tonight. They had made me supper many nights now, so it was my turn to make them some good old American food. So I went to the little boutique and bought stuff so I can make, Tuna in Macaroni and cheese. Ok so I didn't say that it was elegant eating, but I at least fried some bread so it was like foccacia bread. THEY LOVED IT!!! They ate some seconds and cleaned their plates. I was so excited. Not only did I make a meal for the Burkinabe, but afterwards my neighbor told me that I was a great neighbor and that they were glad I was there. That made my whole night. Afterwards we watched tv and played cards. All in all it was just like a dinner and card night in the states. I call it a success.

Even better I called one of my friends and I think that I will be leaving site on sat and visiting her. I can't wait. She is one of my friends who likes to hug and I have been needing a great big hug.

Oh yes, I also must mention that I talked with Miss Kathy Davis. Now Kathy is one of my favorite people at site and if you enjoy reading my blog you will love hers. She takes the same approach to her blog that I do so if you like funny stories like mine and cultural mishaps. Hit her up.

Miss you all!!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

And Sonabel said, Let there be light, and Trent was happy!

So I just got my electricity in my house today, this makes me very happy and very excited. I can now charge my computer and my phone without annoying my neighbors. Which I say will alot of sarcasm. I want you all to imagine a world, where your neighbors care about you, and they have both already fed me on multiple occasions. I go and watch tv outside with my one neighbors who are my adopted family right now and I love them. They even like to play cards. They taught me a silly burkinabe card game, that is alot of fun, but not as much as euchre. lol. Its like war, but with strings attached.

Now, this is me launching a formal apology to my grandmother and grandfather for anything that I may have said on the phone that seemed out of normal on sunday night. Now let me explain. Sunday was not the best day at site for me and I wanted to go to sleep, but couldn't so I decided hey, I'm going to take two benedryl. For those of you who don't know, I may as well have taken two Ambien. Benedryl knocks Trenton out to a sleep happy fun world, and if he tries to stay awake he crashes with funny results. Now I had just gotten to sleep (1/2 hour)and my phone rings. I pick it up and its my mom saying that my grandma wants to speak to me, to which I think is ridiculous why doesn't she just come in my room. Then I look around and go, crap, I'm in Africa, how did I get here? All the while I'm figuring this out, I am talking to my grandmother who is just happy to hear my voice. While I am looking around the room figuring out how I got in this room and should I leave or stay. I talk to them for maybe 4 minutes and eventually get it together enough to tell them I love them and I am doing fine (once I realized where I was that I was doing fine) I hung up the phone and went straight back into a comatose state slumber.

Now my site is wonderful and I am doing fine. I got the keys to my lab today and can't wait to start work in the next two weeks. I still don't know my teaching schedule, but will figure it out eventually. I am still hoping for fridays off. I would like my vondredi's(fridays) for travel in case I go visit people. That would be sweet and I need to start looking at secondary projects. My neighbor does something with moving sheeps to villages, but I don't quite understand what it is yet. I will probably help him with that, but I am thinking some health classes over malaria and HIV/AIDS couldn't hurt. *P.s. in case I use the work VIH/SIDA that is what they call it over here. That and Malaria is like paluia. I know the pronunciation not the spelling sorry.

Well I think that is a good long update for now along with a funny story.


*plus ten points for the first person to put the movie the quote is from.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

I'm at site

So I have officially been at site 24 hours. I am so far so good. My shower is broken and I am getting that repaired and I have to get my electricity turned on monday. So until then trent is without power. Which means this is going to be the last time I check anything until then. So don't get to depressed when I'm not as on top of things as I was right now.

It rained this morning which was nice for the temperature, but bad for the roads. If the rain does not stop school is not going to start on time. Which is going to be annoying if that happens. So far on track, I think. but I still have to meet and talk with people. I don't know when my introduction to the school will be. We will have to see. I am still waiting to see what classes I am teaching and what my schedule looks like. I am hoping we figure this out in the next week.
Unfortunately my homologue's child is sick, so I need to wait until she gets back.
(homologue= the teacher semi responsible for the other teacher while at site.)
So until then I wait and hope the child gets better. Then I can start to get my stuff ready.

My house is better than I remember and my neighbors are very nice. They have kids too which means I will have work horses to do things I don't want to do. lol. I do love that cultural aspect sometimes.

Well I think the repair guy is here so I have to go.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Whats with all the rambling?

So I leave maybe in three days now. That means I could be getting out of Ouga on Friday. And there is a rumor that they are looking at putting a SED (Small Economic Development) or and Ag (if you need help to know this is Agriculture.. you are obviously not from Indiana) in Kaya with me. They are looking at it for site development. Right now this is just a rumor, but I would love for it to be true. Although being the only Nassara (white person in Moore) in a village will be fun.

I have shopping that I have to do, I have to buy a bed, and kitchen supplies and hope to find someplace to get Gas. Because you see the port near Burkina is apparently not bringing in enough gas and the whole country is on a gas shortage and it is near impossible to receive gas to cook your food. So some of my fellow volunteers are having to eat out or beg their neighbors to feed them until they can buy gas. I am hoping to be able to find some in Ouga, because I'm crafty like that. However, some people here in Ouga don't even have gas which is sad, because you can buy almost anything in Ouga. Who knew a gas shortage in Africa would happen.

My lessons have moved down this week from book work to just speaking French, which is awesome and I am happy with this. I don't mind the speaking it was the book work that was getting annoying. I really am starting to believe the phrase you never leave school. You hear that kids, you are stuck learning things the rest of your life. (Especially if you join the Peace Corps)

Also if you are ever planning on joining the Peace Corps I would definitely say do it. For as much as I complain, which I know I do alot. This really is a great experience and something you can do once in a lifetime that makes a world of difference not only in another countries life, but also yours. It is a chance to reinvent yourself and a chance to take risks. Now I'm not saying leave your three kids and husband to go to another country (Jennifer), but something to think about. We have people here 21-70 something. I don't know exactly her age, but she is in her 70's. So don't think this is just young people.

Ok now my shout outs section...

Angela- Thank you for my blog reads and of course I have not forgotten about you or anyone at the bank, except for that one girl... whats her name.. likes coach and Fox stuff.... can't quite remember her name...

Johnny- Be expecting something in the mail in about 2-3 weeks. Maybe sooner. I hope I picked out a style you would like. Nothing big, but think you will like them.

Brad- Same as johnny, if you don't like some get with him and trade. I won't really care.

Mom- I Love you.
Dad- I Love you. Win some games this soccer season in honor of your son... and if not I may be able to sneak you back some Burkinabe Children who are really good.

Well I hear a Donkey Braying like crazy, this could mean he is hurt, someone is hurting him, or he has gone crazy like what happened in my friends courtyard and they had to end up killing it. Either way I think that is a good close to this blog.


Friday, September 10, 2010

Bone Fete! or good party! Ramadan is over!!

So for you muslims, Congratulations, Ramadan is over. That means you can eat again in the light of day!!! That is for those of you muslims who did not cheat and just sleep all day and stay awake at night. That is not really the point of religious fasting. Anyway, Ramadan is over today, which means that I will no longer have the mosque across the street from my house blaring music at every hour of the night. I consider this a personal victory. Because as many times as I wanted to storm the mosque at three in the morning when they would blare music and figure out a way to burn down a stone building. I did not. I used the patience of God and showed my tolerance for other religions. Even if they did disturb my slumber the past two weeks. I think the church that decided to burn the Quaran should have taken a message from book. Anyway thats a personal opinion. Which this is my blog, so I can do.

I actually went to a party today with my friend nathan at his muslim fathers house (his host father). I ate many servings of Cous cous, beef, and cokes. This was amazing. They were listening to music and tomorrow apparently there is a dance party, but I will not be attending. I have more important things to do... like.. uhmm, well not go. I have had 3 host families and I don't need another one to get attached to with one week to go.

That is right. I go to site in kaya on saturday of next week. yes next week. I cannot wait!!!! I get to buy things for my house and make it all pretty. I think I may paint, (and no jade, Erin, and Katie; I will not do the paint job that I did at our second apartment). I am thinking I may make a mural though. I don't know, I will have to be inspired.

Well for those of you who don't know, I am 4 hours ahead of time from Indiana. So if you are ever wondering, look at indiana's time and add 4 hours.

Mon francias est mellier. Je suis content avec mon niveau. Mon examination est le Jeudi.
( My french is better. I am content with my level. My exam is on thursday.)
(if you know I made mistakes by the way, I don't care, so don't post them. :)

Also one last note of business. My parents are not terrible people and I just spoke with them this evening. I was just kidding with my parents because the two times that I have not called them it ended with my mother calling the cops on me and the second time receiving a voicemail that said my father had died and I missed the funeral. Maybe I should call home everyone once and a while. So when they did not call me for a while, I decided to work my revenge on my blog, and I want to thank you all of my loyal followers for shaming them. It worked like a charm and my mother congratulated me on making them seem like awful parents. Thank you loyal followers I really could not have done it without you. I love my parents and appreciate there sense of humor.

Just like they appreciate my humor when they go out and get a 23 lbs cat named Fridge and say that they replaced me with it. That is what I am glad about, if we can't have Trent at least we can have a huge ass cat. (pardon my cursing grandma)

Thanks again for all your love and support

Monday, September 6, 2010

I'm still not at my site....

So because my language level is only at inter low (at the last Language proficiency something (aka LPI) I had to stay in Ouga. I am hoping to get to my site by the 20th. I am already at least one level up. I just have one more level to go and I think I can make it by the time i need to leave.

Now ouga is it's own monster. I have to ride my bike around it was is most likely the moto capital of the world. I have already been clipped by one because I didn't stick my hand out to signal. I spent to much on food the past couple of meals. I'm going to start going cheaper.

So I had a quandry. At the end of the day, after i take my dirty shoes off and just sit in bed, I smell like something. I could not figure out what it was, but now I know. I smell like a wet dog. which both disgusts and intrigues me at the same time. I am wondering how I got this smell. I bathe daily and even shave and sometimes spritz with cologne. It just interests me.

I have also decided to write about books that I have read while i am here, seeing as how I am going to be reading alot and giving a very short review.

Blindman's Bluff by faye Kellerman- It was interesting and tons of plot twists. Not hard to follow, but fun to read. Murder mystery about a rich family that gets slaughtered. Good fun.

An idiot girl's christmas by Laurie Natoro- I enjoyed this book too much. Stories about someones family around christmas time is always great. I could see myself saying and doing alot of these things in this book. My poor mother. Yes, mom alot of inserts about the evil things that she does to her worrisome mother. Just promise me that you won't start watching dateline specials and we should be good. Anyway my favorite line from the book. (about a note)

"Laurie," it read. "We know that you don't have your keys, so knock when you get home. If you're still sober enough to read this, do NOT do your drunk dance on the door, and if you're on angel dust, the front window is not a liquid pane of glass as it may appear in your druggie state, so do not crash through it. You will be grounded."

Needless to say I had to cover my mouth in laughter through much of the book. Its a good one, that I would suggest. Its probably like a buck on amazon.. get it.

Other than working on language 8 hours a day, I have been catching up on movies and television that has been given to me. I am already caught up on season 2 of true blood and some of season three. Isn't africa just the greatest?

Now I know you people are expecting me to be all.. I rode a giraffe today, but I didn't. You can pretend I did and you can tell your friends that I did, I might even lie for you and say I did. I even have my own giraffe harness made for my giraffe night rides through the desert. Why not. But no, I have been studying french and watching movies in a town the size of indianapolis... kinda. Just not as many levels, or electricity.

If you are wanting me to tell you tales of grandeur... wait. I hope to have something soon. I did tell you about me nearly sitting on a crocodile. you people expect too much from me.
Ok thats it, now a few shout outs.

Dear Bank ladies that I know and love. I know and love you... hmm.. I think that covers it... oh and Whitney please post on my comments a countdown for your wedding day, because I'm sure that above your work station there is a ribbon that is held up by doves and each day you remove one the numbers and release a dove as you slowly approach that final date. LOL. I love you and miss you whit and I do get your emails. ;)

Dear Jenn- Please keep my brother out of trouble.
Dear Brad- Please keep my jennifer out of trouble.
Oh and thanks again for the scott pilgrim vs the world.

Mom- I love you!
Dad- I love you!


To my grandma- Thank you for keeping me updated that my parents aren't dead. Love your emails.

To anyone else still reading- thank you for putting up with my absent minded rambling.
I am going to eat now.
I love and miss you all.

p.s. see no french this time jenn. Just for you.