Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Trent recieves Christmas visitors!!!

So it is Christmas time in Kaya. I got home from my long Ouaga vacation only to find that my neighbors have moved out of their house; when they return to Kaya; I will find them. That was sad news because I really liked them; however; I also came back to find that I have a new site mate that is like 5K from me. So that made things better.

On Christmas Eve I had Zach and Christina come up and see me and also Halley from Forgi (four-gee). So all of us stayed at my house on christmas and christmas day and we watched movies and ate food. I made calzones and macaroni and cheese with tuna, yum! I had alot of fun with everyone and it made christmas easy to be around people. We all had alot of fun and that means I only have one more christmas to miss.

Right now my plans are to go to Fada for nezw years. I am hoping to have go because I really will have no other reason to ever go to Fada again. lol! So it will be fun; I hope. Not much of an update; but I have just been relaxing and getting ready for the next round of school to start.

Merry Christmas;Happy New year; and all that Jazz.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Trent gets into the Christmas Spirit

So I am staying in Ouaga and what do I see, but christmas lights surrounding me. YAY!! So while staying in Ouaga this week I got to eat at Chez Carlos, where I can smoke hookah and eat great food (aka, not rice or spaghetti, or to(toe) or benga). On the way home we fit 8 people into a taxi (not including the driver) and were singing christmas carols. We did a white elephant exchange that I organized and I received silly bands from Americaland. The next night was swear in for the new stage, and it was fun to go to the American Ambassadors house and see the new people. I found my new sitemates and met some people who are very nice. We went out to Chez carlos again, then we danced at the Majestic and had alot of fun. Last night I went to a fashion show that was being held by one of my friends here and it was alot of fun. Afterwards we danced all night at Calypso.

Now is a big shout out section. I have got to thank my family for sending me some packages. I recieved 3 last night. I was so excited. I got lots of candy, cheese in a can, and underwear!!! The most important was the letters that my family wrote to me and put me in the box. It was great to read all those short notes and receive the love. I reallly cannot put how much love that I had in those packages. I received notes from Cate and Colin and it was amazing to see!!! It was so cute and all the other volunteers were awwwwwing. I also have to thank audrianna for an awesome necklace that I have been wearing since I got it. It is amazing and perfect for here.
Thanks for Grandma Taylor and the many misc items that you sent me.
Thank Grandma Crouch for all the candy that you sent,
Thanks Mom for sending my package and thank you for my book.
Every book I recieved I have never read. Score!!!

Ok, I am at the transit house and will go back to site tomorrow. Hopefully.
Merry Christmas!!!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Trent spends time in Ouaga.

So I was feeling sick and waking up with stabbing pains in my stomach. So I came into Ouaga after 3 days of pain and got put on some strong antacids and other pills and also received some Claritan to work on my newly acquired dust allergies. Afterwards I stayed in Ouaga and got to eat some lovely food and am currently at IST.

I am excited about being at IST because currently I am watching Glee with some of my fellow stagiares. We went to Chez simone for supper and afterwards we fit 8 people in a taxi here and drove to CACS hotel. It was my most people in a Taxi ride right now.

More to come later, sorry kinda boring update.


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Trent`s students are mad as hell and they aren`t going to take it anymore.

So today is the second day of student striking, but the bizare thing is that it only seems to be my students and the ones in Ouagadougou. First off, I am just impressed the students can organize such a thing. I know trying to get 55 students in my class to do something was difficult, let alone the numbers they have reached here. They are striking because they are mad because Blaise let some family member off after he killed a famous journalist (wikipedia if you are interested). They apparently strike every year, but I was told this was on the 13th. Well now, they are striking for maybe the whole week before, which completely throws off my test giving and grading. So when will I see my students again? That is a good question. I had students come to my 3 o'clock class yesterday, so maybe my three o'clock class will come again today.

So also this month I recieved the monthly Zak Ramba that is our Peace Corps newsletter and it had a nice little article about allergies, and I think after reading it that I may be allergic to dust. I have been basically having headaches and stuffed up and dried out since november (aka the start of the dusty season). So I am going to try to take some claritan next week and see if this fixes some of the effects the dust is having on me. Who knew, I might actually be slightly allergic to something, besides manual labor.

I have power back to my computers and all the computers seem to be turning on and working right now. This is a major relief and I don't feel like I am starting back at square one like I was feeling before. I am just a few days away from IST. I am almost done with my 6 months of sobriety and I am so close to getting a site mate and christmas. I am so excited for the break and can't wait to just relax in a hotel and hang with my friends for a week. Don't get me wrong there will be long sessions over god knows what as well, but ca va allez.

Love you all and miss you


P.s. Happy Belated Birthday to a Miss Jade Wagner.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Trent gives a shout out; and gives his plans for December.

So first off; I have to say Happy Birthday to a mr. Johnny Nellis. I am hoping he has a wonderful birthday and that he recieves everything that he wants. I really hope that he gets something ridiculous like a prop from the hit nickelodeon show ¨all that¨ or something similiar the legends of the hidden temple would give away.

Now; I go to my lab on monday and rewire it only to realize that I have not one; but two outlets broken in my lab. So I only have 3 outlets in the lab for 27 computers. Not Good. I finally get a message that the electrician is coming and going to fix it sometime this week. Then to make matters worse the kids have just decided to quit coming to class. SO needless to say; This has not been the best week. I am not going to Bobo this weekend because that got canceled; but I have IST in a week and a few days. I will leave the 12 and come back the 19th. When I come back; I will have a new site mate. This is very exciting and I can`t wait. So right now I am just biding my time until IST.

Also I bought a colorful pagne with gold all over it that I am getting made into a shirt. It is ridiculous and I love it. I am glad that I can be that old aunt that wears all the gaudy clothes over here and get it out of my system. LOL.

I`m out!