Monday, September 6, 2010

I'm still not at my site....

So because my language level is only at inter low (at the last Language proficiency something (aka LPI) I had to stay in Ouga. I am hoping to get to my site by the 20th. I am already at least one level up. I just have one more level to go and I think I can make it by the time i need to leave.

Now ouga is it's own monster. I have to ride my bike around it was is most likely the moto capital of the world. I have already been clipped by one because I didn't stick my hand out to signal. I spent to much on food the past couple of meals. I'm going to start going cheaper.

So I had a quandry. At the end of the day, after i take my dirty shoes off and just sit in bed, I smell like something. I could not figure out what it was, but now I know. I smell like a wet dog. which both disgusts and intrigues me at the same time. I am wondering how I got this smell. I bathe daily and even shave and sometimes spritz with cologne. It just interests me.

I have also decided to write about books that I have read while i am here, seeing as how I am going to be reading alot and giving a very short review.

Blindman's Bluff by faye Kellerman- It was interesting and tons of plot twists. Not hard to follow, but fun to read. Murder mystery about a rich family that gets slaughtered. Good fun.

An idiot girl's christmas by Laurie Natoro- I enjoyed this book too much. Stories about someones family around christmas time is always great. I could see myself saying and doing alot of these things in this book. My poor mother. Yes, mom alot of inserts about the evil things that she does to her worrisome mother. Just promise me that you won't start watching dateline specials and we should be good. Anyway my favorite line from the book. (about a note)

"Laurie," it read. "We know that you don't have your keys, so knock when you get home. If you're still sober enough to read this, do NOT do your drunk dance on the door, and if you're on angel dust, the front window is not a liquid pane of glass as it may appear in your druggie state, so do not crash through it. You will be grounded."

Needless to say I had to cover my mouth in laughter through much of the book. Its a good one, that I would suggest. Its probably like a buck on amazon.. get it.

Other than working on language 8 hours a day, I have been catching up on movies and television that has been given to me. I am already caught up on season 2 of true blood and some of season three. Isn't africa just the greatest?

Now I know you people are expecting me to be all.. I rode a giraffe today, but I didn't. You can pretend I did and you can tell your friends that I did, I might even lie for you and say I did. I even have my own giraffe harness made for my giraffe night rides through the desert. Why not. But no, I have been studying french and watching movies in a town the size of indianapolis... kinda. Just not as many levels, or electricity.

If you are wanting me to tell you tales of grandeur... wait. I hope to have something soon. I did tell you about me nearly sitting on a crocodile. you people expect too much from me.
Ok thats it, now a few shout outs.

Dear Bank ladies that I know and love. I know and love you... hmm.. I think that covers it... oh and Whitney please post on my comments a countdown for your wedding day, because I'm sure that above your work station there is a ribbon that is held up by doves and each day you remove one the numbers and release a dove as you slowly approach that final date. LOL. I love you and miss you whit and I do get your emails. ;)

Dear Jenn- Please keep my brother out of trouble.
Dear Brad- Please keep my jennifer out of trouble.
Oh and thanks again for the scott pilgrim vs the world.

Mom- I love you!
Dad- I love you!


To my grandma- Thank you for keeping me updated that my parents aren't dead. Love your emails.

To anyone else still reading- thank you for putting up with my absent minded rambling.
I am going to eat now.
I love and miss you all.

p.s. see no french this time jenn. Just for you.

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  1. Dear Sweet Trenton,

    Only 75 more days! You know me way too well! I love you so much and wish I could give you all the details! I really miss my friend!

    I love you!,