Saturday, September 18, 2010

I'm at site

So I have officially been at site 24 hours. I am so far so good. My shower is broken and I am getting that repaired and I have to get my electricity turned on monday. So until then trent is without power. Which means this is going to be the last time I check anything until then. So don't get to depressed when I'm not as on top of things as I was right now.

It rained this morning which was nice for the temperature, but bad for the roads. If the rain does not stop school is not going to start on time. Which is going to be annoying if that happens. So far on track, I think. but I still have to meet and talk with people. I don't know when my introduction to the school will be. We will have to see. I am still waiting to see what classes I am teaching and what my schedule looks like. I am hoping we figure this out in the next week.
Unfortunately my homologue's child is sick, so I need to wait until she gets back.
(homologue= the teacher semi responsible for the other teacher while at site.)
So until then I wait and hope the child gets better. Then I can start to get my stuff ready.

My house is better than I remember and my neighbors are very nice. They have kids too which means I will have work horses to do things I don't want to do. lol. I do love that cultural aspect sometimes.

Well I think the repair guy is here so I have to go.

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