Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Trent makes it to 2011; it is either a miracle or a mistake.

So it is official, I have made it to 2011. Don`t worry; when you live life like me and am basically a catastrophe; you are always amazed when new years rolls around and you aren`t dead yet. So to all you people whosaid I wouldn`t make it to 25, you only have 5 months before you have to pay up. I actually talked to a girl here named Rasheeda who is a fellow volunteer and she was giving people at what age in there lives they should just end it all and she got to me and said; "he should have been dead 3 years ago; he is living on borrowed time." I thought this seemed somewhat accurate. lol! The more reason that I try to make each day special.

So after christmas I decided to go to Fada and spend christmas with the Fada boys and Ebben. Itwas alot of fun. I got to hang outwith Joey from my stage; Scott and Luis who are from the new new stage and Ebben who is from GEE in my stage. Anywho we all just hung around and talked and had fun. nothing too eventful. I did get to see the largest Beef market in West Africa there; and I ate some of thebest fried chicken that I have had. I ate tons and tons. So then I came back through Ouaga and decided to hang out at the transit house for a night, it was fun to see some people.

I am now back at site and am hoping to maybe stay at site until FESPACO(film festival) in February. We will see if I can do this. I am not feeling uber motivated to do this; but think it would be pretty cool.

Also when I was in Fada I bought a pagne (clothing material) that was gold leaf with big flowers that was really cool. I bought one for me and one for Grace. Grace bought a pagne that is a Chanel pagne and is awesome looking for me and her, so we will have matching pagnes and even more people will think that she is my wife.

New Years Resolutions
1)Change my attitude of hating French and really try to learn it.
2)Try to calm my life down a bit.
3)Try to not spend so much money at site and save something for trips and gifts.
4)Learn Moore better
5) Try to come up with some sort of plan for my life after Peace Corps.

Any suggestions for things to be added to the list?
I could use some probably.
Love Trent

P.S. In a news site that I kinda keep up with here... Vinny Guadagnino of Jersey shore is coming out with a clothing line that also gives donations to help stop teen bullying. It almost makes me want to watch the show; because I have never even seen 1 episode. Just something that shocked me and made think "See good things pop out of the most unexpected places."

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  1. Oh Trenton. I really miss you.

    In other news, I think you'd enjoy Jersey Shore. It's a total trainwreck, and there's not one redeeming thing about it, but I think you'd like it.

    And I have some encouragement for you: I am certain that by this time, you know more French than I do, and I live with a Frenchman, and I actually WANT to learn it. You know what's fun to say? C'est moche. That's my favorite (non-dirty) phrase that I've picked up so far.

    Anyway, I will listen to Meat and Potatoes today in your honor.

    Have fun over there!