Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Trent tries to focus... oh look a sheep!

Do you know how to tell the difference between a goat and a sheep? I do. A goats tail goes up and the sheeps tail goes down. I know wha your thinking; sheep are black with thick white wool. This is false. I mean some sheep are that way but definitely not all of them. I awakened on tuesday morning and I heard goats. This is not a problem; I hear goats all the time. Then I hear a pig. Now the thing about pigs is that they are quiet; unless they are squealling. This pig was not squealing. I leave my house to realize my gendarmarie neighbors have trapped 2 goats and a pig in our courtyard. That or they pushed the door open and then got trapped. So I wrap a pagne around my waist and open the door and the goats run to behing my house with the pig. So I run around the other side of the house and hiss at the goats and pigs and they leave my courtyard. It was then that I realized; I never thought that chasing goats and pigs out of my yard was going to be a problem in my life. Life; huh?

So I am trying to get focused. I have a Close of Service party to plan; I have to set up a new post box; I have to start secondary projects; I am tutoring in French; and also I am trying to figure out whatto do with my life in general. I was talking to some of my friends about this very subject. I thought that in the Peace Corps; I would get some big new vision for my life. So far this has not been obtained. I was talking to some people who were leaving the country and they said; "oh yeah; they should put that as a warning in your Peace corps service. Warning: You will not find some new path in your life after your service."

So I am going to have to really be focusing on my life; that or just do a 3rd year in the Peace Corps. lol. But I have tons of work to do and I really need to buckle down on my French. When I leave here; I will have tons of experience and will speak ok french. That has got to count for something. Add that to the experience of my 13 other jobs and I am very well rounded. I am learning that my best skills are organizing people and events. I may talk my mom into opening a party planning service with me. lol. JK. Atlhough thatwould work and then I could just get my brother to make whatever artsy I need for free. LOL. Anyway back to Africa...

I played a game with my students the other day where I asked them questions and had them type the response. The winner got Gateau; which translates to cake; but it is nothing like cake. It is literally Fried dough and I am not a fan. The kids actually knew alot of the answers to the questions; but thier spelling was questionable. jorge bouche= George Bush. It was funny. I had fun with the kids and then today they come into my classroom and they were pushing and roughhousing so I made them marche in a line outside and stand in the sun for five minutes and then had them walk into the class. These kid are ages 16-23 probably and they act like early teens. Its semi ridiculous; but fun to watch.

Well thats all for today. Questions Comments?

Also my camera quit orking; but am trying to fix it. Desolé or sorry!

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  1. why are you worried about what to do with your life? you're going to move in with me on a beach somewhere and we're going to do something fun.