Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Trent gets back into the swing of things

So Monday came around and with it came the new work year for me. I started back teaching and the first day was semi-eventful. I figured out that my building doesn't have enough power to run all of the computers in it. This is what happened. I walk into my lab and the students are using the computers and I notice random computers start turning off. So I start chasing the power outages and then I start unplugging computer and replugging in computers and now have it so that all the computers on the outside of the class work, but six of the computers in the middle of the room don't work. If I plug in any of them, then I start chasing power outages again. I am figuring this out and yelling at myself and the computers and the whole time the students are looking at the crazy nasarra teacher walking around the room talking to himself and randomly turning computers on and off. One of the kids unplugged a computer while I was working on stuff and I told him that I was going to hit him if he tried to touch another one. Not that I actually would, well at least hard.

So i finally figure out my problem and have just let the kids play on the computer for about an hour and I start to get up and review. I stand up and realize the chief of the class is gone. So I ask where he and a few others have gone and the other students tell me they went to go play futbol (soccer). So I was like, ok. A kid starts to walk in the room and I asked where he went and I forget what he said, but at this point I had my water bottle in my hand and I asked him what was happening in the road behind him. Burkinabe children are easily fooled and when he turned around I poured water down his back. Other students went to take a drink of water from the pump and when they came back, they decided to leave. So I threw alot of the water from my water bottle on him. I also threw some chalk at some kids and then I designed an outline of a kid who didn't listen to me 3 times and put a speech bubble around him that said " I did not listen because I'm stupid." However, I didn't know how to spell stupid in French, so I actually looked a little stupid. Karma!

Lastly I asked one of the girls if she was going to go play soccer and the guy next to her said that she doesn't play soccer she is just a wife. This pissed me off, so I told him that I was going to tell an american girl and she would beat him up, but then I slapped him in the back of the head. Later in class I had the class type the phrase, I want... and had them finish the phrase. That girl wrote that she would like to be a doctor. It made me really happy to see that. All the guys in the class wrote was that they wanted girls. *rolls eyes* I hate teenage boys. One guy was original and said that he wanted to get the moon so he could give it to his girl. That was semi-sweet at least. Although it seemed very old fashioned. Who can tell me the movie because I don't know it. What do you want... do you want the moon? I'll go get it for you.. or something. Its and old black and white movie.

I have pretty much decided at this point that teaching is not going to be in my future. I have trouble with the friend and disciplinarian line. Also, I am a bit of a sadist in this country. I saw a little brother being annoying to his bigger brother of like 6 years and the big brother told him to go home and like kicked him really hard in the butt and I laughed. The younger kid started crying, and that made me laugh a little bit more. One thing that I also must mention here is that Burkinabe children cry over the stupidest things. Its not like real pain or anything, its more like when they feel like they have been looked over or wronged. Its really annoying. I like the old addage, I will give you something to cry about. That and the Burkinabe children also like to throw stuff at each other and like literally beat each other and they don't cry at all. Emotionally weak and physically strong, who knew?

Sorry I feel like this one is kinda a rambling entry, but fun. Any questions for me?

I want to give a shout out to miss Angela Lockridge, I hope things are going great at the bank and you try to keep the girls in line for me. Especially that Carol. ;)


  1. Yes, the movie is It's A Wonderful Life with James Stewart. He was going to "lasso the moon" for his love.