Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Trent recieves Christmas visitors!!!

So it is Christmas time in Kaya. I got home from my long Ouaga vacation only to find that my neighbors have moved out of their house; when they return to Kaya; I will find them. That was sad news because I really liked them; however; I also came back to find that I have a new site mate that is like 5K from me. So that made things better.

On Christmas Eve I had Zach and Christina come up and see me and also Halley from Forgi (four-gee). So all of us stayed at my house on christmas and christmas day and we watched movies and ate food. I made calzones and macaroni and cheese with tuna, yum! I had alot of fun with everyone and it made christmas easy to be around people. We all had alot of fun and that means I only have one more christmas to miss.

Right now my plans are to go to Fada for nezw years. I am hoping to have go because I really will have no other reason to ever go to Fada again. lol! So it will be fun; I hope. Not much of an update; but I have just been relaxing and getting ready for the next round of school to start.

Merry Christmas;Happy New year; and all that Jazz.

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