Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Trents almost falls into a latrine and recieves a baby.

So this past weekend I had everyone from the Central North region of Burkina Faso in Kaya for a meeting about a girls and boys camp in Kaya. Afterwards, I had people at my house for a small soiree with music and drinks. It was alot of fun and I got to have everyone from out little region together. The best part was that Emma P. was basically doing all the work and all I had to do was listen to the meetings. So not much work for me. It was also the first time that Kristin and Diana have visited Kaya and got to see all that my lovely city had to offer. Especially the leather! I was discounting merchandise for Diana at the marché; it was fun. More to come on Camp Glow; I may even need your help in the states. ;)

So last week; I went to the vegetable marche to buy some peanut butter and while there I was talking to the ladies and speaking a little Mooré (local language of Burkina Faso). While talking to the ladies; one of them tried to have me hold her baby and I told her no thanks, afterwards while listening again; I realized she was trying to give me her baby. It is a common joke here; kinda. When the ladies offer you thier babies; you have to be careful not to seem to excited or they may actually give it to you. Mostly its a joke though; but I definitely didn`t need to be adding a baby into my Burkina Equation.

So another latrine story, I was going to use the latrine and I had to poop, so I was squatting over the latrine. While squatting over said latrine; a lizard runs out of the latrine and over my foot which I try to shake off and have to catch my balance or my butt is going right in the latrine hole. I luckily catch my balance and kept myself from touching the yucky latrine hole. I am still not happy with lizards though. I will forgive them in time, but right now; the war is on.

Miss everyone and hope life is going well.


  1. Soooo... a latrine hole. It's an actual hole in the ground, right? And you have to poop while hovering? Do you miss American toilets yet? :)

    Also, I'm so surprised that you didn't just take the baby and run! I mean, I would have...

  2. So a hole has been dug about 10 feet deep, after they put a cement barrier on top and you poop in the hole that is in tyhe cement barrier. SO yes, a hole in the ground. Also you would have alot of dirty burkina babies here katie, that is why you can't visit. ;)

  3. Remember what your Grandpa told you lol