Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Trent gives a shout out; and gives his plans for December.

So first off; I have to say Happy Birthday to a mr. Johnny Nellis. I am hoping he has a wonderful birthday and that he recieves everything that he wants. I really hope that he gets something ridiculous like a prop from the hit nickelodeon show ¨all that¨ or something similiar the legends of the hidden temple would give away.

Now; I go to my lab on monday and rewire it only to realize that I have not one; but two outlets broken in my lab. So I only have 3 outlets in the lab for 27 computers. Not Good. I finally get a message that the electrician is coming and going to fix it sometime this week. Then to make matters worse the kids have just decided to quit coming to class. SO needless to say; This has not been the best week. I am not going to Bobo this weekend because that got canceled; but I have IST in a week and a few days. I will leave the 12 and come back the 19th. When I come back; I will have a new site mate. This is very exciting and I can`t wait. So right now I am just biding my time until IST.

Also I bought a colorful pagne with gold all over it that I am getting made into a shirt. It is ridiculous and I love it. I am glad that I can be that old aunt that wears all the gaudy clothes over here and get it out of my system. LOL.

I`m out!

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  1. if i somehow get you money will you get me a gaudy shirt made? and maybe some art? what currency do they use anyway?