Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Trent`s students are mad as hell and they aren`t going to take it anymore.

So today is the second day of student striking, but the bizare thing is that it only seems to be my students and the ones in Ouagadougou. First off, I am just impressed the students can organize such a thing. I know trying to get 55 students in my class to do something was difficult, let alone the numbers they have reached here. They are striking because they are mad because Blaise let some family member off after he killed a famous journalist (wikipedia if you are interested). They apparently strike every year, but I was told this was on the 13th. Well now, they are striking for maybe the whole week before, which completely throws off my test giving and grading. So when will I see my students again? That is a good question. I had students come to my 3 o'clock class yesterday, so maybe my three o'clock class will come again today.

So also this month I recieved the monthly Zak Ramba that is our Peace Corps newsletter and it had a nice little article about allergies, and I think after reading it that I may be allergic to dust. I have been basically having headaches and stuffed up and dried out since november (aka the start of the dusty season). So I am going to try to take some claritan next week and see if this fixes some of the effects the dust is having on me. Who knew, I might actually be slightly allergic to something, besides manual labor.

I have power back to my computers and all the computers seem to be turning on and working right now. This is a major relief and I don't feel like I am starting back at square one like I was feeling before. I am just a few days away from IST. I am almost done with my 6 months of sobriety and I am so close to getting a site mate and christmas. I am so excited for the break and can't wait to just relax in a hotel and hang with my friends for a week. Don't get me wrong there will be long sessions over god knows what as well, but ca va allez.

Love you all and miss you


P.s. Happy Belated Birthday to a Miss Jade Wagner.

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  1. Well who knew I am taking Claratin for dust allergies. Sorry to have given you that gene.
    With all the problems have you had time to actually teach enough to give a test over? Looking forward to pictures! Have fun at IST.