Sunday, December 19, 2010

Trent gets into the Christmas Spirit

So I am staying in Ouaga and what do I see, but christmas lights surrounding me. YAY!! So while staying in Ouaga this week I got to eat at Chez Carlos, where I can smoke hookah and eat great food (aka, not rice or spaghetti, or to(toe) or benga). On the way home we fit 8 people into a taxi (not including the driver) and were singing christmas carols. We did a white elephant exchange that I organized and I received silly bands from Americaland. The next night was swear in for the new stage, and it was fun to go to the American Ambassadors house and see the new people. I found my new sitemates and met some people who are very nice. We went out to Chez carlos again, then we danced at the Majestic and had alot of fun. Last night I went to a fashion show that was being held by one of my friends here and it was alot of fun. Afterwards we danced all night at Calypso.

Now is a big shout out section. I have got to thank my family for sending me some packages. I recieved 3 last night. I was so excited. I got lots of candy, cheese in a can, and underwear!!! The most important was the letters that my family wrote to me and put me in the box. It was great to read all those short notes and receive the love. I reallly cannot put how much love that I had in those packages. I received notes from Cate and Colin and it was amazing to see!!! It was so cute and all the other volunteers were awwwwwing. I also have to thank audrianna for an awesome necklace that I have been wearing since I got it. It is amazing and perfect for here.
Thanks for Grandma Taylor and the many misc items that you sent me.
Thank Grandma Crouch for all the candy that you sent,
Thanks Mom for sending my package and thank you for my book.
Every book I recieved I have never read. Score!!!

Ok, I am at the transit house and will go back to site tomorrow. Hopefully.
Merry Christmas!!!!

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