Monday, November 29, 2010

Trent eats a thanksgiving feast; and recieves a broken lab.

So I went to Kombissiri this weekend and was able to see some of my favorite people! It was hosted by Dwight and Mari and I was able to see Val, Zach, christina, and Diana. It was alot of fun. We ate fried chicken, grilled chicken; Mac and Cheese from America, salad, mashed potatoes, key lime pie, cookies, tons of fruit, and they gave us PEANUT M&M`s. It was delicious and amazing. We said our prayer and then we ate and afterwards we gave speeches for what we were thankful for and I swear that each was more heartfealt than the other. Not the usual stuff. Afterwards we played some UNO and were able to talk and everyone got to trade videos and music. It is always fun to exchange. I got 3 episodes of GLEE!!! Needless to say it was a fantastic weekend.

On sunday when I was coming back, we had to use a bush taxi to get back. This was my first time on a bush taxi and it wasnt so bad. Just imagine a big van and you try to shove as many people animals and things into it as possible. The seat that I sat in was on some plastic containers and when the bush taxi would stop the seat would tip forward and when we would start the seat would almost flip all the way back. It was interesting and a little fun; but uncomfortable.

Now on friday they supposedly fixed the power to my lab and it was still not working; so they are in there working on it right now. The really bad news is that when I went to turn on the computers; alot of them are only giving me microsoft beep codes. Which means the computer turns on qnd flashes lights and beeps a certian amount of times and I am supposed to know how to fix this. I have no clue. I am going to do what I do best though; make it up as I go along and hope I don`t break it more.

We will see what happens with my class. I am supposed to be teaching typing. I am going to give them what is on the test and have them practice typing,,, if I can get any of my computers to work.

Wish me luck and I always love to recieve comments and emails.


  1. Sounds like you had a fantastic Thanksgiving. I am pleased to know that you were with friends and having a good time, rather than being alone.
    You seem to be on one huge adventure. If anyone can make it fun, you
    Good luck with your computers and your class.
    I send you bunches of love. And continue to pray that all is well with you.
    Happy Holidays.
    God bless,
    Aunt Marie

  2. What your Aunt Marie said.
    I started to send you an electric blanket byt after reading your posts thought better of it. Than I decided to mail some bubble wrap to protect you but I got so tense from the holiday that I started popping it. Right nothing left of it. So I just sent you a box of stuff,,,,,Love ya Grandma T