Thursday, July 29, 2010

Trent makes an ameoba friend!!!

so I have been sick the past two weeks. With taking tylenol and some antispasmadics; I was good to go. If I did not, fever,headache, pain in my side. I thought I had like appendencitis or tuberculosis. Turns out it was Entameoba coli (e-coli). I took some pills and am actually feeling like a functioning human being. However; my food choices are still small and my stomach is a little weak. I could not hold down white rice for lunch. So I,m still on a bananas and bread diet. But Should be 100 percent soon.

Teaching has been going pretty well. I teach a lab session 3 times this week and a lecture 2 times. the class is about 13-24 and probably a few older. This is not a problem the class is nice. Next week we are splitting sessions and I am teaching 2hours 3 days a week. Sounds easy but I have to translate every lesson in French and Informatique doesn`t have requirements. We make everything from scratch really. Both good and bad.

Thats all for now, you people need to ask me some questions. LOL

Thanks for reading my rambles!!


  1. How come in your previous post, you said you were going to discuss religion, but I saw nothing of that... Lies. Why can't we trust you, Trent? What has Africa done to you? What if the hokey pokey is truly "what it's all about"?!?!?

  2. I'm sorry to hear that you were so sick, however I feel that all this illness you have dealt with while you've been there has made up for your lack of sickness in the past. I feel that you are now even in the world. hopefully you'll stay healthy now:)

  3. Hey Trenty! Sorry to hear that you have been sick. Get better soon! :) Soo, i've been chatting it up with your mom at work a bit. Finding out what you have been up to over there. Sound like you're having a blast! Miss you and love you!