Thursday, July 22, 2010

Posting from a Cyber in a mystery location:

So here I sit at a cyber post and I have alot to write about and won`t get to it all sorry.

First Off, I recieved a package from my aunt Cindy, and Tony and the kids. Thank you!! It was full of candy and cheese packages from shells and cheese. I was like a kid at christmas. It was a ,uch needed boost. Thank you so much!!!

I went on site visit and my site has 30 computers in one room and 14 in the other room. I am so excited. The 14 have internet and thus I will probably update more about your questions and stuff when I arrie there and have time. and boy should I have time.

my site visit was like 3 days of pure boredom. I am still getting adjusted to
West. African. International. Time::: or WAIT for short.

I am wathching some teachers teach this week and then starting Monday I start teaching in French. Which is not coming along so hot; but I will get better now that I am moving into a host family. My second host family.I will be so glad not to move anymore for a while; however I have" a roommate and that should make things interesting.

I am also going to post my last two blog posts now that we have moved for those of you who did not get to read them. I am safe now. LOL


  1. So glad you are safe and healthy... and you just got the cheese packet part of the mac n' cheese? Is this a new unhealthy eating habit that I'm unaware of? ;)

    Oh yeah, and this is Katie btw!!

  2. Hey Trent,

    I just wanted to drop by and say hi. I haven't been able to get on this website and post something. I'm glad everything is going pretty good for you. I read your posts when I can though to try and keep up. Well I will try and post this now.


  3. hahaha love your name katie!!!! Natasha thanks for the comments. Miss you bank girls!!