Sunday, July 4, 2010

Evacuation. What happened.

Ok everyone seems to want to know what happened at evacuation. Here is what happened. I was nominated as a community leader here and thus I was running the community meeting we were having where we talk about what is going on around us and what people are doing. I am also in charge of the July fourth party.

I am running the meeting with Roxanne and Emma and then we have Congo (our safety and security person) come in and talk to us and say "Ok, so we are going into stand fast mode." I am like crap my perfect meeting is ruined.

From this point we were all moved into a hotel in Ouahigouya and actually all night the hotel was surrounded by Burkinabe soldiers with what I believe was AK-47's. Needless to say, I felt perfectly safe. They then went to all of our host families and they got our stuff in the morning and they packed it all up. We got in a bus and came to Ougadougou. We have just received our stuff yesterday. I have received 99 percent of my stuff. I am still missing my I-pod. I have the up most faith that this will get returned to me.

I will reiterate this... I am fine. I am safe. I have nothing wrong with me and am now going to a fourth of july party to swim and have fun. BYE


  1. I am happy that you are safe. I am jealous that you are swimming. I wanted to swim so badly today but as we all know Muncie sucks and there isn't a public pool. Hope you had a fun party... I feel that 4th of July parties always seem more fun in other countries. Love you and Miss you!

  2. Thanks for the info. There is something about knowing details that is reassuring to me, Love and miss you Grandma

  3. I hope your i-pod returns to you safely. I know that is one of your greatest treasures. IF i-pod has been claimed by another, do you have someplace to purchase another if nice people back home send you some francs? Happy 4th (day late). I am not surprised that you were chosen as a community leader- natural born leader! Love you... have fun!