Sunday, July 25, 2010

Its sunday. and I teach tomorrow.

I am at a Cyber and I should be writing my lesson however my phone is dead and i am assuming our meeting today was canacelled. I showed up though. lol.

Tomorrow I have to teach my first lesson in French. There are two sessions; one where the kids have computers and one where the kids do not. I am teaching the technical; aka with comuters and am teaching the desktop. The next day I am teaching lecture about opening and closing windows.

It has been raining here like crazy. Today is a heated day; with no rain. It makes me happy. When it rains; everything in the city shuts down. People don`t come to class, it is just generally annoying.

I am looking to buying a usb key soon because I need one. I can open theseblogs much better and write them on an american keyboard. They can be a little more thought out than the sporadic ones I have been writing.

French still sucks; I have a one on one class with one of the main language directors and it is intimidating and intense. I am still novice low and I have 4 weeks to get to inter high on their arbitrary scale.

novice low** this is me
novice mid
novice high
inter low
inter mid
inter high**** this is where I need to be
advanced low
advanced mid
advanced high

ok off to other things; apparently I am going to a marriage tonight maybe?

oh yeah and I am living in a new host family. I defintely like my family in ouhigouya better. butmy new muslim momma is nice.
I will get into religions here and how little it matters over here next blog. They don`t care what religion youare as long as you are something. But you get catholics and muslims over here. They get along with no problem.

au revoir!!!!

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