Monday, May 23, 2011

Trent gets on PSDN... and has a case of bad karma.

So I am one to believe in karma. I believe that if you put good in the world, you get good back. This is generally true for me, however I have my case of the three bad things that seem to happen and follow me. So of course, I get good karma, but it must be evened out. Just think of it as debits and credits for all of you who have taken an accounting course. Like Erwin always told me, "Your debits have to equal your credits."

So I get a call and get told that I am on PSDN, which I earlier described as Peer Support and Diversity Network. This is a network that Peace Corps Volunteers can call when they have problems and we can help them talk it out. Well I found out that I got on it and I was ecstatic. I was concerned because sometimes I can be seen as a gossip. I have no clue how I could have this reputation. I think its genetic. Anyway so I was concerned about getting onto PSDN for that reason, oh and the fact that I'm crazy, but apparently not too crazy. Good news.

So Emma Prasher's sister is visiting and the girls want to go out drinking. I don't usually drink at site, but why not. So we go out to a club and then we go out to another club and we have fun. I drank some sachays of whiskey which were terrible, but ok if mixed with coke. Still better than beer. I also drank 2 liters of water, so I got tipsy. I returned to my house at about 1:30 in the AM to find that my keys will not open my door. The lock will not turn. I am not very happy and try in vain for about 20 minutes to open it. I of course wake up my neighbor who I don't like and is sleeping outside on a mattress and he tries, but it does not open. So he invites me to sleep at his house. I was not happy about this. I wanted a shower and my bed. I was also wearing ridiculous non breathable polyester burkina clothing. It was a hot night to say the least and I kept having to pee, but I got about a good 5 hours in.

I find a guy in the morning to let me into my house. He lives down the road and is the same guy who broke into my kitchenette for me. I go into my house and I at least have some new episodes of Glee to brighten my morning. I watch them and afterwards its time for shower number two and while showering the water gets turned off. I had just soaped myself. I luckily have a bidon (big plastic jug) of water in my shower for just this emergency. I move the bidon and what do I see, but a scorpion. Not a big one, just a little one about the size of my pinky. I rinse off and go out and find a sandal so I can kill the scorpion, but I can't find it. So I go to move the bidon back and it starts running toward me. I have now killed 3 scorpions in this country. Mwhahah.

So I have Emma Prashers USB key and I have to return it to her. So I go into ville (the city). As I am biking into ville a guy with a moto pulls out in front of me and I hit his front tire with my front tire. I fall off my bike and onto pavement because I had just arrived at the pavement part of the road. A quarter mile back and I would have just been dusty, but no. I have to get hit at the pavement part. So i scratch up my left hand, elbow, and foot and I hit my right upper shin on the bike. I was not happy, but I made sure not to curse out the Burkinabe who pulled out in front of me. I just didn't talk and got back on my bike and glared.

So I am hoping the scorpion and water running out counts as one of my bad things and therefore, I am ready for an amazing trip to Ouaga filled with fun. I had my day of bad karma, hopefully the good can come.

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