Monday, May 30, 2011

Trent gets alot of stuff on his plate... YAY for working!!!

So last week I was in Ouaga for PSDN training. It was amazing training where we over tons of information. We went through scenarios that might happen to us and just general active listening skills. I think human beings should have to go through this training in general. There really is a huge difference between listening to someone and giving them advice and having them figure out things on thier own. I am now an official PSDN member and am sworn to secrecy. Let the calls with problems begin.

So in sad news; I found out that another person from my stage is leaving the country. This is sad for many reasons; but on the good side; I at least know that he is going to be happier in America or France depending on where he is actually going. So we are officially down to 17 volunteers in my SE stage. One funny thing is that everyone who had a special design on my wall (either a punctuation or a symbol) has left the country. I'm glad that I didn't put more symbols next to peoples names.

So one of the things that PSDN does is trainings. So that means that I will be going to Sapone and help do trainings with either a PCMO (Peace Corps Medical Officer) or just another PSDN member. So I am helping with the HIV and Sexual Assault discussions with the PCMO and am running the Diversity training with Alexandra who I love. I wanted the HIV and the Diversity sessions so I am glad that I am able to get both of them. Then afterwards I may be hosting a Demyst. Demyst is where the volunteers go to a volunteers site and see how they work at thier site. I could show off my lab and I need to think of ideas that I could do for the Agriculture volunteers. Baby plants?? Maybe they could see my lettuce field in Kaya. I also may do something with soap making... but first I need to learn how to make soap. I really hope that I get a demyst group. It would be fun to show off my site a little bit.

So inbetween demyst and training I also want to go see Tim and Becky in Boulsa again and steal Venem from Tim and have him show me how to use it. I spiked my proviseurs interest when I told him about the grading system and that the professors would not have to figure the moyennes. So I need to steal that and get it installed. I have a new PSDN meeting in early july and I have to put out a newsletter with Dani. Then I come home!!! After spending a month at home; I come back and do Camp Glow. Then September is filled with craziness. So I have a busy upcoming schedule. I have a week or two until all the craziness starts. I have a visit on Thursday from the regional medical officer. She is from Senegal. So it should be interesting. I have to clean my house and do some laundry.

Politically we have been doing great in the country. We had some strikes by students last week who were supporting a teachers strike; but that got solved in a few days with really no big problems. I think they only burned one thing in one village in the south. They blocked roads in Ouaga and that was only a minor annoyance. Right now I am kinda immune to anything but shooting though. 43 days until I get to see people. That and eat some american delicousness. Can't wait and hope everyone is doing well!!

Love and Peace!

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