Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Trent plans a party and will never do it again... probably.

So I am not really allowed to talk about everything that has been going on here, so that is why I have not been blogging. I apologize to everyone. I want everyone to know that I am safe and sound. I have spent the last two weeks in Ouaga trying to plan this party that is the COS party. This is a party for all the Close of Service volunteers. Everyone in the country gets together to have a party and talk and have a night to show thier appreciation for all the volunteers who are ending thier service.

So I will give you a wrap up of my two weeks, without too much detail. But enough that you will get the idea...

So two weeks ago I come in to start getting things ready and unfortunately some events happened in Ouagadougou that prevented me from going out and getting things organized. So I did not get them accomplished. So on Friday I was told that I need to get a back up site near the bureau so in case anything happened we were close by. That and the old location was near a building of people that we did not want to be around at this time... So I found a back up location in a wooded area. It was good. Soooo...

The next monday, more stuff happened in other parts of the country. Then this continued on to tuesday. This is the point where we moved the party again and I was calling people in the country and making sure where people were and who was coming in and who was stuck at site. I also find out the location of my party has been moved again...

So at this point I find out that one of my girl friend's girlfriend. (sorry sounds wierd but can't use names. plttt) Anyway, the girlfriend snuck into the country and I went to the airport with my friend Suniata who had helped arrange the whole thing. We picked her up at the airport and took her to the hotel where her girlfriend was staying. My friend's face was priceless. She was confused, shocked, and excited. I thought she was going to faint. It was so sweet and romantic. I found out later that she asked her to marry her. SO they are officially engaged!!! Amazing.

So then it was back to party planning. I had thursday to get all the drinks ordered and I was supposed to be at warden training, but luckily they are going to be doing another warden training at a later date and I was told I could just go to that one. So I spent all day getting drinks organized, getting food organized, and making sure all the accomadations were met. I was running around like crazy, but it was worth it. I especially have to thank the Peace Corps Bureau for helping me get things organized. They were a vital part of making sure that this party happened and making sure the COSing volunteers had a party to remember. The Country Director and her assistant even organized for Floby, (Who is the most famous Burkinabe singer here... equivilent of Lady Gaga in the states) come to the party and sing a little bit for us. He sang a little bit and as he left he shook my hand. My students are going to be so jealous when I tell them.

The party went off mostly without a hitch. Everyone was in high spirits and some said that it was the best COS party they had been too. So I was glad that I could get it organized and everyone was happy with the results. However, I do not think that I will be organizing another one of those anytime soon. I have decided that I am glad to have a mother who knows how to event plan. If I do become a party planner, it is going to be of the skills she and my father have passed down to me. Mother in organization, and father out of making something amazing out of nothing. You should see what he can do with some pcv pipe and electricity. ;)

Ok, I am now back in Kaya, and I am glad to be back. I am hopefully going to have students come to my class tomorrow morning. Afterwards, I am going to go into town and tomorrow afternoon... LAUNDRY and CLEANING!! I have already swept and replaced my water filter and cleaned my kitchen, but now I need to take on my bedroom, which is more like a closet for me anymore sinch I sleep in my living room, but still. I need to clean clean. Two weeks away and the dust builds up. That and I have people coming and staying with me next week!!!

I will try to keep you updated and if you have any specific questions, you can email me,

Sorry for the discreetness, but I can tell you all about stuff that happened when I get home... Thats right, Im visiting home.. Its 14 weeks away!! Be excited. I am!!!

Love and miss you all!

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