Friday, March 18, 2011

Trent celebrates Saint Patricks day!!!

So on the Weds before saint patricks day; I decided to have a couple of Gin and Orange mix and watch some of my favorite episodes of Glee. It gave me a chance to catch up on what music I had been missing and see some old favorites. However; I also have been taking Benedryl so I could sleep at night. I wasn't thinking about it and took my Benedryl and after I took it I was drinking and thought; Uh oh. Probably should not have mixed those two. To quote Justin's mom on QAF; "Who do I look like; Judy Garland?" But I did it and I fell asleep and had the most knocked out sleep of my life. I woke up to Hailey calling me telling me at 8 that they were going to throw a ST. Patricks day party. I was like, gimme 2 hours. lol.

I met them at the Marche and am still slightly drowsy from the Benedryl and then they said the magic words. Trent we need you really to carry stuff and do stuff for us. Basically like my dad says; A strong back and a weak mind. That was my mindset for the day and I was more than happy not to think.

We get back to Grace's house and the work begins. Hailey gets to work on cutting vegetables; Grace is getting decorations; I am popping popcorn and Shrimp crackers. Grace not only gets burned by oil in the process; but also cuts her finger while cutting garlic. Poor thing. About this time we realize we should have invited people around us. The only one who could reach us was maybe Emma; so we call and invite her. She says; no; she can't make it. We are sad but understand. At this point Hailey starts cooking the food; and it smells and tastes amazing. Its a stew of Beef; Cabbage; Potatoes; Carrots; Onions; Garlic; Black Peppercorns. IT is amazing and semi-irish. We get the place decorated and I go get two other volunteers who are staying here for a little while and when I get back the party is ready. We had food; we had cold drinks; and all we had to do was wait for the people. The people did come! To our surprise; Emma came!!! She had found a late bus and made it into Kaya!! After that Burkinabe started to arrive. One of them was supposed to bring the beers; but of course he didn't get it set up so the beers didnt arrive until about 9ish. You know it isnt St. Patricks without beer. Even though; I don't really like beer.

We fed the Burkinabe the stew and they loved it. They drank beers; we played a milange of African and American music and danced. The funny thing is trying to explain St. Patricks Day. Someone asked about why we wear green and Hailey said it is because Snakes are greena and St. Patrick chased out all the snakes. None of us knew exactly why; so we let it go. It was alot of fun and we were able to share a St. Patricks Day party with Burkinabe and explain a little bit of cross culture. It was a great time and I can only hope my future partys can go as well.

Speaking of which; I still cannot go to Ouaga... So I am right now about 2 weeks away from my party... FANTASTIC!! Not freaking out yet; but next week; I see a mental breakdown occuring. We'll see!!

Also I had to take down a couple of blogs because of political commentary with stuff happening. If you missed it; just talk to someone who reads it. Or I can give you what you missed over the phone. lol.

NOW one more Shout out!!
One of my Best Friends Katie Fouts is tying the knot tomorrow to an amazing Man Zach Holt. I want to wish her the best wedding day that anyone could ever have and I know that they are going to be happy together for years and years to come.

Also; she cannot get knocked up til I come back. ;)

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  1. I read this awhile ago and forgot to comment, and I just wanted to let you know that there will be NO BABIES when you arrive home, or even in the next 5 YEARS, so you shut your little mouth!! (love you)