Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Trent Continues down the Rabbit Hole of his health.

Ok, so my last post said that I was now healthy and doing well and this was true... mostly. I was feel so much better and continued to feel better. However, I then woke on Friday and went to teach my classes and then one of my fellow stagiares pointed out something odd. I was yellow. Now, I had not seen a mirror so I was thinking maybe I had like a pale tint to me. This would be incorrect. I was actually yellow. My eyes were yellow and my skin was yellow. So I go, "aw crap, I'm jaundice. This is not good." So I call the PCMO (Peace Coure Medical Officer) and he says well lets see what happens and we may bring you back to Ouga if you continue to be yellow. I am ok with this answer, because I felt amazing.

The afternoon rolls around and I go to go the bathroom and it looks like that I may have been peeing blood. It looked red. I was like, "well damn." I call the PCMO again and he says, "Yeah, lets go ahead and bring you to Ouga". So I hop a car to Ouga. We have done blood work and urine tests and organ scans and chest x-rays.

First off, I am no longer yellow that went away (mostly) by sunday. I just had a little in my eyes. That is gone now and my pee is clearing up. Now on to the results.

It turns out that I had Hepatitis A. Now how you get Hepatitis A is through oral-fecal means. Now, this just means someone did not wash thier hands with my food sometime and I go it. Even with the vaccine it is only 80% effective. I am doing better and we are looking for the virus to be out of my system in the next few weeks.

One side effect is that my liver is shot. Thus why I was turning yellow. My liver was totally shot on Fri, but this is actually not a bad thing. you see the liver actually heals itself. If it was another organ I would have not been so lucky. My liver is actually 70% better in 3 days. We got results today that showed my numbers have made amazing improvements. So there is nothing to worry about. I am actually going to be leaving Ouga and back to training in the next day or two. I thank you all for your thoughts and your prayers.

None of you need to worry about my health anymore (well as much at least). I want you to know I get care over hear that you could only wish you could have. It is the best care in the world with people who have been doing tropical medicine for 15 years. I am safe and looking forward to going back to training and making it through training and getting to site.

I love you all!!

oh p.s I am at around 200lbs here. So that is like 25 off from when everyone last saw me. I am skinny and fabulous. lol. You have to look at the benefits.

Thinking of you all,


  1. so i felt slightly alarmed while reading this... then i get to the ps part and died laughing!!! obviously you are feeling much better. skinny and fabulous... you kill me. miss you trent!

  2. Thank God. My Prayers were answered. Wish I had known about the good medical care a couple of days ago. My hair is turning grey and I am getting old since you left. lol Now if I could lose weight.... but not the way you do it! Sent another box Mon. with a USB Just wish you would get the other one but I guess it is following you around the countryside.

  3. Claire says "it's okay, because yellow is the new black!" You trendsetter. I'm glad you're fabulous (like always) but wish the adventure was a bit less adventurous. By the way, did your ipod ever find you? Bank customers ask about you all the time, and I told Betty Brewer I would be certain to send her regards. Love and miss you.

  4. BTW Maybe you jinxed yourself with your subtitle.?

  5. Hey Trent. Glad to hear you are feeling better! Whitney showed me a picture of you and my comment was "he is skinny". I have been following your blog and the girls at the bank keep me updated!
    Take Care!
    Julie Watkins

  6. I've been thinking about you lately...I hope you are feeling much better! Love and miss your face!!

  7. Hey there! Glad to hear you are on the road to recovery. I talk to your mom to keep updated on your goings on!! Saw your pic on facebook and you do look fabulous!! Take care, Chris