Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Finally an update. I'm a terrible person.. that or busy. You pick.

Sorry for the lack of updates. I have been busy with work and stuff and have not made it to a cyber.

Quick update. So my roommate and I were coming home from the boite de nuit (The night club) and a guy came out of the bushes(nothing dangerous) but scared him so we went to take off. I took off and he followed and his tire hit my tire and he fell and dislocated his arm. Now, he is doing fine, but I got to see the Burkina Hospital system. I am glad that I have a PCMO. He is fine now, but he got sent to South Africa. He will be returning this week. So par de problem and ca va alley.

I have swear in next week and I am uber excited because I will finally be a volunteer. YAY!!!!! Now the bad news. Because I have hepatitis... I will not be able to drink for the next few months. :(
It is frowned upon at least. SO yes trent will be drying out for the next couple of months sadly. But it is going to make that first gin and tonic that much more enjoyable.

Ok someone said they want the day in the life of the trenton taylor. So here it is.

5 am: *cockadoodle doooooo* trent wakes up... ((@)#%&@#$ rooster and goes back to sleep.

515 *cockadoodle doooooo* trent wakes up... ((@)#%&@#$ rooster and goes back to sleep.

600: braying donkey trent wakes up.... *!%*()!@$%( Donkey and goes back to sleep.

630: trents phone goes off to wake him up. He hits the snooze.

645 trent wakes up but stays in bed.

700: my host sister bangs on the door. I get out of bed and go take a bucket bath. Get dressed.

715: I eat eggs on a miche of bread with alot of oil. An amazing breakfast. I take my malaria pill and my centrum.

730: Leave for school on my bike.

8:00-12:00 Arrive at the school and I either teach a class or work on my lessons for class or maybe talk and play cards. I maybe drink some bissap.

12"30-14:00: Lunch break. I eat at a restaurant or at the centre and play cards. 500 it is similar to euchre and alot of fun. I love having Michigan people to play euchre with, although we both claim we invented the game.

14- I go to sessions, whether this be a lesson on Girls Education, on Relations with Burkinabe, or Language or some other "fun" activity that they decided to come up with.

17:00 Class is over and we go have drinks at the plague. One of our favorite places. I drink cokes or sprites. Most people have beer, either Sobre Bra or Brakina.

19: Ride my bike home

19:15: Arrive home talk with the family for a minute. Then I eat. Some good, some bad. They quit serving me to(toe) but last night i had spaghettie with fish. So hit or miss.

20:00 I get done with my meal and will pull out my labtop and listen to music and play the card games on it. Or I watch on tv "Mots de Maths" or "Trois Femmes une village" Which Is one of my favorite shows here. Think an african Sitcom. It is nice.

2100: I complete whatever homework i have or work i need to do and I go to ssleep by 22-2230.

There you have it. A day in the life of Trenton Taylor. It sounds exciting doesn't it.


I went to Sabou. It is village near Koudougou and they have kimen which are a type of Crocodile and they are kinda wild, kinda tame. They feed them chickens on a rope to get them to come. lol.

Anyway, I basically all but Sat on a crocodile. It was amazing!!! Also very Dangerous. lol. But yeah, there is a picture somewhere in stage of me doing this. I will let you know if I find it. That has been my adventures. thus far.

Anything else you want to know? Let me know... and thanks for all the love about my health and stuff. I greatly appreciate it!!! Love you all!