Monday, June 25, 2012

Trent thinks about returning and describes his 2 bike flips

So my blog is now going to be twisting a little bit. For the most part my adventures are over after 2 years. I have adjusted to life here and really it takes a lot to surprise me anymore; I am now going to be talking about readjusting to America and the things like that. I am planning on wrapping the blog up around the beginning of September. So expect a change in the next couple of postings; mostly about what I am thinking about. Hope it is still enjoyable. So I have 46 days until I come home. I am currently in Kaya and will really actually just be applying for jobs and doing some last minute paperwork. I have Camp Glow towards the end of the month and I have my replacement coming and visiting me in 2 weeks. It is weird to think about the fact that I am going to have someone new living in what I have called my house for 2 years. I hope they don't mind my paint job. :) I am currently searching for jobs in Indianapolis. I have thought about it and I think that I can be happy in Indy. I am going to go back and spend a year in Indy and decide if this is what I want out of life. If it is not what I want... I can go exploring again. I am also waiting to hear back from the Foreign Service Officer Test that I took. I don't think that I passed; but who knows. That could influence some decisions. Especially if I have the threat of going back to no job. I told my dad online the other day that I am interested to see how I act back in Americaland. I am American and have been American for 24 years; but I have spent the last 2 years on Africa time. I have spent 2 years away from friends, family, and my culture. Coming back is an exciting because it is like a new adventure into an old culture. I have friend who are married, living with people, on the borderline of getting married, with new careers, and I haven't been around for any of it. People are like puzzle pieces and certain people click together and others don't, but one thing that makes people different from puzzle pieces is that they change. You may fit with someone sometime; but two years and countless adventures later, that might not be the case. So it is going to be interesting to see how much my shape has changed to other people in my life. Even better to see how I am going to find my space in the puzzle. Sorry this blog isn't as funny as some of my other ones; but I will leave you a funny/sad story of my getting hurt; because I know its what you sick puppies love to read about. So about 2 weeks ago I went to Fada to get my sand read. ( I will write more about this another time... maybe) While I was there; a donkey cart stops in front of me while I am biking so I try to go around it and a lady with a food cart has decided to walk back to her food cart right at that time and I slam on my brakes to not knock the poor lady down and flip over my handlebars and roll around and scrape up my arm. I just said; dammit and got back on the bike. I was fine... The next day; I take a bus back to Ouagadougou and am riding my bike to the transit house and a moto comes speeding up the road and I stop so that I don't get in front of it and guess what happens... I fly over the handlebars...again. This time though I flip over on a softer landing... my computer case. I am laughing while the people come over and ask if I am ok. I just can't believe 2 days in a row I did that. I look inside and my computer screen is busted. O'well at least it lasted me 2 years. I hope everyone is doing well; and I will try an update this a few more times before I leave. Trent

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