Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Trent catches people up on life...

So it is February. I have been living live in Burkina now for 20 months!!! 7 months left to go.

This past weekend Emma and I got together on Sat and Sunday and painted a world AIDS day mural. It says Journee Mondiale de SIDA and has a red ribbon. We have to wait until the CSPS (local hospital) does an HIV/ AIDS training and then we will have them put hand prints on the wall as their commitment to fight HIV/AIDS. On a side note the HIV rate here is actually very low. It is a little low because it is under reported, but also we are just not that HIV positive of a country thanks to foreign trainings and stuff. Go Burkina. Now we just need to start also battling Malaria.

So have come to the realization that I sometimes think I don't have stuff to right about because my life is pretty boring. This thought then made me realize that I have been here entirely too long, because crazy things do happen here; I just don't realize they are crazy. The fact that not 10 minutes ago I heard something knocking over my spices in my kitchen and I go in there and lift up my stove and chase a mouse out of the kitchenette and I thought it was nothing, is not a good thing.

Today was a bizarre day though. Last night we had dust storm and I just thought we had some heavy winds. I get up and go about my day, but I did not see the sun once today. It was blocked out by the dust. That and it was about 20 degrees cooler than it had been on other days. I should have known that it was going to happen because the day before I had cleaned my kitchenette and scrubbed it clean and made sure it was dust free. So much for that...

I have 7 weeks until my Close of Service Conference and I am pumped up. Not only do I get to see all the people from my stage again, but I also get information about how to put Peace Corps on an application and get my resume looked at. I am excited about it. I will actually be able to start applying for jobs and stuff. I feel silly applying in April when I know I can't start until Sept., but o well.

I am trying to think of things that I might want to do here before I leave. I have a trip planned to go visit the southwest of the country finally. I am going a week before the COS trip. I will be visiting Jennifer in lovely Banfora. It should be fun. I am excited to see her house. I also think I might try to find where the people make the leather things in Kaya and try to see if I can figure out how they make some of the stuff. I can be a leather smith. I actually just think it would be cool to make something to bring back with me.

I have been researching cruises for my way home. Right now I am looking at a transatlantic cruise that leaves Hamburg, Germany and would put me back in New York on Aug 28. If Hamburg turns out to be to expensive (which it might be) then instead I will be leaving Southampton UK and will be arriving Aug 28th in New York. It looks like a fun cruise with Cunard Cruises. My fingers are crossed that it will work out and I will be able to cruise back to Americaland relaxed and with a few extra lbs.

That is all for now, QUESTIONS<<< COMMENTS?

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  1. Trent, it's been a lot of fun reading your blog! But I'm sad you're not coming back until August because I'm getting married in early July and I wanted you to come so we could dance to the Nth Degree! I'll be sending you an invitation anyway so watch for it in the mail.
    Katie Dorsey