Saturday, February 12, 2011

Trent gets another stomach inflammation, a new address, and a very busy schedule.

So I have another inflammation of my stomach; Most likely caused by piment or as you americans know it; peppers. I try to avoig all but the green; but I have been cooking with piment powder and making some awesome chicken noodle soup; but alas; now it hurts everytime I swallow food. not that it is keeping me from eating; because I think we all know I would have to lose my stomach for that to happen. Im trying antacids and going to try to find a glass of milk for tonight. YAY!!

Some of you may have noticed that I changed my address. Look Here----->>>
If you send things to the old address; I will still recieve them at the bureau. This address is my new one in my town, so a little easier access to me. Thank you for this brief announcement.

I have a really busy schedule coming up. I am going to Nemtenga to visit someone with Friends of Burkina. His name is Mike and he served in Peace Corps over 30 years ago!! He returns and brings letters and speaks fluent MoorĂȘ. Talk about an amazing man. After that I have a community meeting on Thursday morning and teach thursday night. I am leaving for Ouaga at 6 in the morning on Friday and have an LPI (maybe a medical appt if my stomach isnt better), then softball tournament weekend. I am so excited!!

Well its been a boring week; but those of you who have questions about joining the peace corps and what peace corps service can really be like; wath this,

It is really funny and alot of it is in good fun. It is not a completly accurate display of service; but definitly hits home in alot of places. Aka the whole gardening section and local foods. LOL.

Love an misses!!

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